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OpenSky App Review: 

Drone operators frequently struggle to identify where they should and shouldn't fly.  OpenSky App is the best airspace information provider tool use to know when and where to fly the drone in space for safety and successful operations by the operators any time in the United States and Australia. Pilots may use LAANC to find out where they can fly their drone, plan a route with a few clicks, verify airspace restrictions, and gain near-real-time access to restricted airspace.

Flying is a difficult task. Our OpenSky platform, on the other hand, enables you to fly with confidence, whether you're flying one unmanned aircraft or an entire fleet, thanks to automation and data. OpenSky App has the following features: Drone Flying Guide - Find out where and when you may fly CASA. Access compliance maps for commercial and recreational drone operators. Identify Flight Risks - OpenSky can assist you in identifying flight hazards. More information on Openskyat may be found at wing.com/openskyat. Please keep in mind that OpenSky is presently only accessible in Australia.

OpenSky App

OpenSky has the Following Features:

  • Drone flying guide: Learn where and when you may and cannot fly based on published aviation laws established by the FAA (US) and CASA (Australia).
  • Aviation authorities' compliance maps: OpenSky makes it simple to see airspace laws suited to your operation and aircraft; for both leisure and commercial drone operators.
  • Identify Risks: OpenSky will assist you in identifying potential flying risks in your region, such as Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs).
  • Airspace authorizations: Drone operators may automatically seek permission to fly in regulated airspace, particularly congested areas near large cities. This is known as LAANC in the United States.

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Final thoughts:

OpenSky App is the quickest and most convenient method to research drone rules and regulations in the United States and Australia. Learn where and when you can fly your drone, plan a route with a few clicks, check airspace limitations, and obtain near-real-time access to restricted airspace. Download from our trustworthy site and enjoy its amazing features.

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App details: 

Name: [OpenSky App]
Version: []
Offered by: [Wing Aviation LLC]
Required System: [8.0 and up]
Size: [22.80 MB]
Price: [Free]

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