Magic Tiles 3 v8.082.004 (Latest) for Android Free Download

Magic Tiles 3 APK Review:

Magic Tiles 3 is a fun free Android game for music lovers who wish to practice their piano skills. The practice stimulates rhythmical patterns in known songs and aids in the learning of works in a variety of genres, including classical, jazz, and pop.

Magic Tiles 3 employs the same concepts as popular games such as Piano Tiles and Don't Tap the White Tile. The basic objective of the game is to touch on the black keys that move across the screen.

Furthermore, this APK File is a rhythm game in which you must tap on the musical notes that appear on the screen. The hard aspect is that the notes move really fast, and a single error will send you back to the beginning.

Moreover, the gameplay of Magic Tiles 3 is identical to that of the first two installments of the series. A sequence of piano keys shoot across the screen at breakneck speed, and you must strike the proper ones to continue playing. When you play correctly, the song follows the harmony; when you make a mistake, you can't hear the music.

The pleasure of playing the piano through proper tapping:

If you've always desired to perform a certain song or a famous composition, this piano game will satisfy you. The screen is split into four halves, each with four black squares. You must manage and tap the correct locations at the right moment. While it may appear easy at first, Magic Tiles 3 becomes more difficult to catch up to as the speed increases.

The Battle Mod of the Magic Tiles 3 Free APK File:

The battle mode, which allows you to compete against other online players, is one of the innovations of this edition of the story. This game option not only allows you to show off your abilities, but it also allows you to earn a lot of rubies, which you can spend to unlock more songs.

Magic Tiles 3 is the latest chapter in one of Android's most successful games, and it provides an equally good, if not better, gaming experience than its predecessors. Fans of rhythm-based games will love this one.

Unlock more tracks:

The goal of this piano game is to play the music well enough to advance to the next level, which unlocks a new piece. Along the way, you may also gather coins, which can be used to unlock levels. Magic Tiles 3 contains in-app purchases that allow you to advance in the game or eliminate the commercials that appear after each round.

Final Words:

Lastly, Magic Tiles 3 is the next installment of one of the most popular Android games. The game promotes rhythmical patterns in well-known songs and assists in the study of works from various genres, including classical, jazz, and pop. To continue playing, players must tap on the musical notes that appear on the screen.

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Enjoy Magical Light 3 for free!!

Game details: 

Name: [Magic Tiles 3]
Version: [8.082.004]
Offered by: [AMANOTES PTE LTD]
Required System: [5.0 and up]
Size: [93.19]
Price: [Free]

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