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Lawnchair 2 APK Review: 

Lawnchair 2 APK is a full launcher that looks just like the Pixel Launcher, which is only available in Android versions. This version, derived from the AOSP Launcher 3, has a wealth of customization possibilities for its menus and icons.  The Wellpaper APK and APUS Launcher are also the best for the customization of themes on Android phones. 

The launcher adds Pixel Pill to your mobile screen after installation, which takes you to a Google search bar as well as a persistent date and time widget. The app drawer will also be activated when you swipe vertically on your desktop. The icons change as well, with the Google ones being encircled by a white circle. The best thing is that you can access Google Now by simply sliding horizontally to the left on your phone.

Lawnchair 2 APK

Furthermore, Lawnchair 2 APK for Android is a launcher based on Google's Pixel Launcher that offers greater customization possibilities to the user. Almost everything, from the icon set to the app drawer, can be customized. The first stable version was just published, despite the fact that it has been under development. To say that, version 2 has already piqued the interest of users, and we've been given the opportunity to test an early build. We will walk you through all the amazing features of this APK free For Android. In addition, all of the new features and choices are available in the launcher APK Store for your convenience. Don’t overlook this post read it throughout in order to be familiar with all the applications.

Here are some of the best Features of the Lawnchair 2 APK for Android:

Theme: You may modify the form of the home screen icons under the Theme category. Square, rounded square, squircle, circular, and teardrop are all choices. Following the introduction of Adaptive Icons in Android, several launchers integrated this functionality. Below are square and squircle variations. Spotify, Instagram, and Enpass should be ashamed for not implementing adaptable iconography yet.

Icon packs: These are the next choice. This is a feature that almost every third-party launcher has, yet it isn't available in the Pixel Launcher.

Color Changing: At any moment, you may change the launcher's color scheme to light or dark. Although the "Auto" option alters the theme based on your background, you may still choose it manually. Changing the color scheme now only affects the launcher, application drawer, and Google Feed.

Blurring the Screen: The next choice is to blur the settings for the dock, drawer, and launcher. You may even manually change the percentage. This feature is presently in beta, however, bear in mind that it is the first version 2 alpha. Everything will be resolved in the end, and I've already submitted this problem to Lawnchair's 2 designers. Regardless, here's how it appears:

Drawer for apps: This category doesn't have anything particularly unique or adaptable. You can turn on app recommendations and Google search from here, as well as conceal applications and their labels from the app drawer. That is all there is to it. Oh, and you can customize the drawer's opacity, although this functionality is currently broken.

Notifications dots: The following option enables notification dots, which were originally introduced in Android Device. Of course, you must first provide notification access to the app. By holding an app's icon, you may see the entire notice.

Toogle the Google Feed: The Google Feed is toggled on and off using the next option (formerly Google Now Cards). Many people are dissatisfied with the fact that the Feed is no longer as informative as it once was. If you're one of them, turning this option off will hide Google Feed from your view.

Dock: You may also alter the dock's appearance. Rounded, Gradient, Flat, and Transparent are the available options, but Gradient does not appear to function, at least on Android P. A little shadow effect is added by the rounded dock. Take note of the blur we applied previously.

The most surprising thing about Lawnchair 2 APK is that you can change all of these settings from the app's settings menu, which you can reach by long pressing on your screen. You may personalize your search bar, activate or deactivate any of the preset choices, and change the size, shape, and separation space between the icons, among many other possibilities.

Download the Lawnchair 2 APK File free for Android:

No doubt to say that it is an interesting Android Application for the users to enjoy with. If you are interested to get this APK File, go to the bottom of this post. There is a download link on our trusted site for your ease to download, install, and use the application to stress-free. Make sure, that you are downloading the original APK file. In this case, our website is trustworthy at all. Above all, you will go through all the instructions from installation to use the app by clicking the download link.


In conclusion, I recommend Lawnchair 2 APK Tool for the native Android experience. I consider Lawnchair to be one of the greatest launchers available. A nice alternative is Rootless Pixel Launcher, although it lacks all of the other features and customization capabilities. I strongly advise everyone to test this version Lawnchair 2 APK. Download below if you want to be on the cutting edge.

There's also a "Backup" category for backing up and restoring your settings, and an "About" category for learning more about Lawnchair and its creators.

Finally, Lawnchair 2 APK, along with other well-known customizers Lawnchair 2 APK free for Android, is one of the finest methods to personalize and adapt your smartphone to Android standards. It also doesn't require Android Nougat to work. Download it directly from the given link to enjoy the APK File.

Please do share it with your loved ones and friends as well for them to take advantage of this amazing application.

Good Luck!!

App details:

Name: [Lawnchair 2 APK]
Version: [2]
Offered by: [David sn]
Required System: [5.0 and up]
Size: [ 7.0 MB]
Price: [Free]

Download Lawnchair 2 APK Free from here
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