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Corona-Warn-App APK Review:

Today's news from German software creators is encouraging. Corona-Warn-App APK is the perfect present in this vexing coronavirus outbreak that has swept the globe. In this situation, everybody is concerned with their health and fitness. So take care of yourself to be safe from Covid-19 by using wonderful apps like e-Tabib APK and RajCovidInfor APK on your Android Phones.

An institute in Germany Robert Koch Institute (RKI) the central federal institution for public health and the German National Public Institute- developed Corona-Warn-App Apk on behalf of the German Government. This application acts as a wireless supplement to distancing, grooming, and mask use. It makes use of Bluetooth technologies as well as the Google Exposure Notification APIs. The app is intended to help sever infection chains by warning you whether you have recently been in contact with someone who has tested positive for corona. It does not, however, collect any personal information. Your identity and location are kept private, and your privacy is well-protected.
Corona Warn App APK 

How does the Corona-Warn-App Apk work?

First, you register on the website to determine whether or not you are a carrier of the virus. This helps you to set up a monitoring network that warns people if they come into contact with an infected person. However, you would have spent more than 15 minutes near this individual in order for the utility to determine the possibility of transformation.

Another consideration is that the data handled within the network is completely private. In this way, you can only ever be known by an encrypted message, and no one will ever know your true identity. In addition, the stored parameters completely deleted in 14 days period automatically. However, the Corona-Warn-App Apk is only applicable only in Germany but not any other country. Thus, if someone visits Germany then can download this application in order to have stayed safe in the pandemic.

Is the data safe in Corona-Warn-App APK?

Of course, the data in the application is totally safe because the Corona-Warn-App Apk has awesome features will disclose them in the below lines for your satisfaction.

The Corona-Warn-App is considered to be your daily partner while remaining anonymous. This is why the app cannot reveal your identity to others. Data security is absolutely assured for the duration of the app's operating life.
  • There is no need to register: There is no need to have an email address or a name.
  • No identifying information is transmitted: When you meet someone else who is using the app, the smartphones just swap random IDs. They can calculate the time and distance of an experience but cannot distinguish people or pinpoint locations.
  • Data storage Period: The data storage period is only for 14 days then the smartphone erase it directly
  • No third-party access: Neither the individual, who reported a confirmed corona infection nor those who were contacted can be tracked.

Where can I find the Corona-Warn-App Apk for free download?

If you are willing to download the Corona-Warn-App Apk then go to the very end of this post there you will find the “Download Link” simply clicking on the link follow the popping up options you will easily get on your mobile phone.

What are the updates of the Corona-Warn-App APK?

The most recent modifications of the application are here for your kind information.

Corona-Warn-App APK - Android app was recently updated with the most useful features

Telephone support for Corona-Warn-App APK - Android-App and other applications

On the free landline number 069 2991 7711, you can get assistance from seasoned professionals on all aspects of your computer and applications. The call is completely open. More detail is available.


The risk of infection is calculated exclusively locally on your smartphone - that is, the data is processed offline. The determined risk of infection is also saved exclusively in the app and is not passed on to any other recipient (not even to the Robert Koch Institute, Apple, or Google).

The Corona-Warn-App Apk is not meant to be used outside of Germany. Corona-Warn-App is the most common corona app in Germany, where it is linked to the national health care system. Regardless of the above, the Corona-Warn-App is also available in this country. It is available to anyone who lives, works, vacations, or visits Germany on a daily or extended basis. For other countries like India has developed Raj COVID Info APK and Azerbaijan e-Tabib APK. We are sorry for the ones apart from Germany.

Stay tuned with Android Hoster if you are out of Germany and willing to have such an application. We are busy hunting such useful applications all around the world to provide our customers such information and applications that help in the era of pandemic COVID-19.

Stay safe and Healthy!!!

App details: 

Name: [Corona-Warn-App APK]
Version: [2.2.1]
Offered by: [Robert Koch-Institut]
Required System: [6.0 and up]
Size: [15.8 MB]
Price: [Free]

Download Corona-Warn-App APK Free from here
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