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Combo Cleaner APK Review: 

If you are tired of being your device slow because of unnecessary files, then Combo Cleaner is the best solution to avoid all such malware. You can download from our site Android Hoster for free of cost. Apart from cleaning the device it performances multiple functions like File finding, big files identification, and finding duplicate file finding, the uninstallation of apps, etc are the best functions of the Combo cleaner APK to make your device fast and safe from all kinds of risk. What are you waiting for now? Download and enjoy this interesting application.

Combo Cleaner is a "two-in-one" program that offers antivirus functions combined with cleaning and maintenance of storage units.
Combo Cleaner APK

What is Combo cleaner APK?

Keeping our android devices as well as for PC in good shape involves taking care of different sensitive areas of the operating system and this is exactly what Combo Cleaner tries to do. It is a tool that will help us to detect and eliminate different types of malware and threats that put your security at risk, as well as to detect large files and duplicates that impair its operation.

A hybrid of antivirus and cleaner

This software features a cleanly designed user interface that allows its various functions to be easily located and navigated with ease.

Followings are the best features of Combo Cleaner APK:

  • Anti-malware scanner that enables fast, deep, and personalized scans
  • Computer performance report, where we can check the available storage space and the use that is being made of the RAM and the CPU
  • Detection history showing the total number of files in quarantine and those that have been detected during the last system scan.
  • Disk maintenance tools to locate large files that can be deleted as well as all those that both locally and remotely are duplicated.
  • Real-time protection panel where we can activate and deactivate protection against malware, ransomware, and web browsing.
  • Options menu in which we can configure aspects of the internal operation to our likings, such as the frequency of scans and their programming, the white list, the files in quarantine, the actions to take in case of detecting infected files ...
  • In short, software to protect your computer and free up storage space that is very easy to use and that can free you from the risks to which we expose ourselves in our Internet activity.

How to Download Combo Cleaner APK:

You are interested to download this application reading these amazing features, then go to the very end of this post we have provided you the free “Download Link” click on the link and follow the pop-up options soon you will have Combo Cleaner App on your device to launch and entertain by making your device free of all kind risks mentioned in this post.


Finally, Combo Cleaner, Antivirus, and System Optimizer is an app in the OS & utility category that is described as 'as well as an antivirus function, Combo Cleaner includes a disc cleaner, big files finder, duplicate files finder, privacy scanner, and application uninstaller.' There are more than 50 Combo Cleaner: Antivirus and System Optimizer alternatives available for a variety of platforms, including, Android, iPhone Linux, and widow devices as well.

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App details: 

Name: [Combo Cleaner APK]
Version: [1.0]
Offered by: [Carpens Systems, PMV]
Required System: [4.1 and up]
Price: [Free]

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