Find Qibla-Compass App v2.5 (Latest) for Android Free Download

Find Qibla - Compass App Review:

Here we are going to provide an amazing Android APP especially for Muslims that is the Find Qibla - Compass App. We know that most people need to find Qibla if they are out of their home town, or in another country. Finding Qibla is very important for Muslims where we need to face during the prayers. Qibla finder helps you show it very easily. The only thing for us is to download Find Qibla - Compass App on our Android phone or tablet and know how to use it. You don’t need to be worried about it we will walk you through all the features that help you download and use this exciting application. There are not any complications to bring it to your device and use. Apart from this it also tells the 99 names of Allah and helps to find the nearest Mosque wherever you are in the world.
Find Qibla-Compass App v2.5 (Latest) for Android Free Download
Find Qibla-Compass App

Find Nearest Mosque if you are in an unknown location:

Find Qibla–Compass App provides a feature of the nearest locater that helps you find out the mosques in the location. You can find the nearby mosque for praying by using this online application you will easily reach the mosque and locate the direction of Qibla. You don’t bother yourself and someone else asking about Qibla once you have this Find Qibla - Compass App on your Android Phone. Use it and find the Qibla to offer you’re praying.

Qibla finder App is a GPS compass that assists Muslims in determining Qibla direction from anywhere worldwide. Qibla compass uses your current position and a GPS chart to determine the correct Qibla direction. With an online Qibla finder, you will find the way to Mecca from anywhere in the world. The Qibla, also known as the Kaaba, is located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

No matter where they are, all Muslims around the world face the Qibla while praying. The precise compass software can be used to determine the direction of Qibla. Qibla pathfinder is an Islamic app available to all Muslims worldwide. With this Qibla finder app, you can get the Qibla site, the nearest mosque. This is the finest Android Mecca Finder app. Download the Mecca compass app right now to reliably determine the position of Qibla. A Qibla compass with GPS can quickly locate the location of the Kaaba.

Islamic and Hijri Calendars:

Apart from showing Qibla the Find Qibla - Compass App as well as displays the latest Hijri calendar, Islamic calendar days and events, and English calendar dates. This Islamic App offers the most up-to-date and reliable Hijri calendar and calendar widget. This Islamic calendar APP is very helpful for determining the Ramadan and Hajj dates for all Muslim cultures. For the correct Qibla route, download the best Qibla direction finder.

Features of Find Qibla - Compass App:

This App has the following exciting features:
  • Monitor the position of the Kaaba using both online (GPS) and offline (manually adding current location) modes.
  • Determine the distance between Qibla and the current location in both kilometers and degrees.
  • Choose from a variety of Qibla Dial styles.
  • English, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, French, Dutch, Malay, Indonesian, Italian, and Thai are among the languages included.
  • Be aware of the prayer times.
  • Use the Salat Timing feature to determine the correct Salat occasions for all five daily prayers.
  • Be automatically alerted about Salat timing using Adhan Reminders, which are available in three different voices in Tone Settings.

How can I download Find Qibla - Compass App?

It has no complication to download to your Android Phone or Tablet. Go to the end of this post there is an option “Download here” Simply click on it and follow the process will appear automatically. Note that, you make sure the Download from Unknown Sources is active on your device. This will allow you to install the application very easily.


The Find Qibla - Compass App can be used to determine the position of Qibla using the compass, latitude, and longitude, or the Qibla indicator. Qibla Locator can also be measured mathematically from any location on the planet's surface. Most people wonder, "How do I reach the Qibla path from where I am?" It’s easy to find out the direction of Khana Kaaba from around the World. If you want to search the Qibla from east or west, you can also find namaz in the direction of Qibla.

There are many Qibla guides web applications available for locating Qibla. However, having an accurate prayer path is critical for connecting with Allah. This prayer direction app uses the device GPS to calculate praying direction for Muslims.

App details:

Name: [Find Qibla-Compass App]
Version: [2.5]
Offered by: [9D Tech Islamic Apps]
Required System: [5.0 and up]
Size: [8.3 MB]
Price: [Free]

Download Find Qibla-Compass App Free from here
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