Covid 19 Ersdel App minted700006 Latest version for Android Free Download

Covid 19 Ersdel App Review:

The world is suffered from COVID-19 and everyone is afraid of the pandemic thinking about rid on it. In this case, we are here with an Amazing Android Application with all the information about the pandemic and safety measures to avoid the danger.

The State Emergency Committee and Ministry of Health of Mongolia's official developed COVID-19 ERSDEL is a warning app. The software is based on the Exposure Notifications Express network, which was created by Apple and Google and was customized by the State Emergency Committee, Communications and Information Technology Authority, Ministry of Health, and Onom Foundation. 
Covid 19 Ersdel App minted700006  Latest version for Android Free Download
Covid 19 Ersdel App

Your personal use of COVID-19 ERSDEL will aid in the anonymous notification of Mongolian people who may have been in the presence of someone with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. When you authorize COVID-19 ERSDEL, you are doing your bit to help your society delay the spread of COVID-19 in an efficient and successful manner.

The operation of COVID-19 ERSDEL is as follows:

When COVID-19 ERSDEL devices are very similar, they share random identifiers through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). If anyone instructs their app to search for COVID-19, someone who has obtained their random identifier can receive an alert that they have been exposed to COVID-19. When the computer receives a random id, it focuses on the day and records signal intensity so that the Exposure Notification system can determine how near the two detectors were and for how long. If the timer was set for at least 15 minutes and the total distance was less than six meters, another person was notified of potential exposure.

And if the COVID-19 ERSDEL program is closed, Apple Framework and Google's Exposure Notifications are running in the background. It will not drain the device's battery at the same rate as other applications that use normal, open, and regular Bluetooth.

COVID-19 ERSDEL Protects Your Privacy in the Following Ways:

The Mongolian government values your anonymity and confidentiality. Apple and Google's code is intended to prevent some sensitive details and location information from being associated with the arbitrary identifiers that computers share. For COVID-19 ERSDEL to function, the State Emergency Committee and the Ministry of Health do not want or need to know where you are or who you are. If you are close enough to another smartphone owner, your device's Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) can swap random identifiers with that user.

The people who test positive for COVID-19 have their laboratory findings submitted to the Ministry of Health. This has nothing to do with the app. Based on the details contained in the laboratory study, our team meets up with people who have been identified as positive. COVID-19 ERSDEL will verify positive tests and then provide COVID-19 ERSDEL users with a personal identifying number as a courtesy to all app users (PIN). To submit a positive outcome to the app, you must enter the PIN. This stops users from posting overly positive outcomes, which may result in incorrect exposure alerts. The Ministry of Health wants all app users to be confident that when they receive a possible COVID-19 exposure via the app, it is a real event.

If you have the most recent Apple or Google operating system installed on your computer, you might have noticed that Publicity Notifications are now included. You can't let this run until you've installed the COVID-19 ERSDEL package. Apple and Google will remove the emergency warning utility tools from their respective operating systems until the pandemic has reached a point where public well-being does not necessitate the use of this technology.

How to Download Covid 19 Ersdel App?

If you are interested and willing to download this amazing application, then go to the end of this post where you will find “Download link” by clicking on it follow the options that will appear on your device going through all easy procedures you will get Covid 19 Ersdel App on your device and take advantage of it.


The State Emergency Commission of Mongolia has allowed Mongolian people to use the COVID-19 Ersdel in both Mongolian and English, thanks to the assistance of E-Mongolia, an online government service application, and the Communications and Information Technology Authority, the Government of Mongolia's regulatory body, as well as Apple and Google.

The COVID-19 Ersdel device, which is being used voluntarily by citizens, would enable people to be informed in a timely manner of suspected coronavirus infection or whether they have been in close proximity to another person who tests positive 14 days. It is thought to play an important role in promoting the diagnosis and monitoring of patients and connections with infectious diseases.

App details:

Name: [Covid 19 Ersdel App]
Version: [minted700006]
Offered by: [DCIT]
Required System: [5.0 and up]
Size: [10.7 MB]
Price: [Free]

Download Covid 19 Ersdel App Free from here
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