Tinkovu APP APK v1.8.5 (Latest) for Android Free Download

Tinkovu APP Long Distance Friendship:

These days the COVID-19 Pandemic left us all far from our loved ones because of the physical distance. In this case to reach with a message and Social Media platform Tinkovu APP is the best solution to keep in touch with all those whom you want to talk to. This is an incredible application that allows you to reach through messages. It is designed for folks who cannot get together.

Tinkovu APP is a messaging app that aims to improve relationships between people who are separated by physical distance who use to live in a very friendly and pleasant.
Tinkovu APP APK v1.8.5 (Latest) for Android Free Download
Tinkovu APP APK

The conditions that condition every individual's existence on the planet earth may cause them to move away from those pleasant relationships that they have so happily cultivated for years, whether for students in educational institutions, work, or, as we have recently shown, pandemic reasons. Tinkovu APK creators must have felt it would be a smart idea to keep in touch a chat service devoted mostly to staying in contact with our relatives and beloved friends so that they already know when we notice them.

To strengthen personal relations, using the Tinkovu app:

It is the mechanism that does not involve the development of a user account, but rather a nickname and linking the individual to send messages or tinks, the developers designed it to reach every relationship, whether it is family, love, or friendship, and it helps you to send text messages, photos, questions, and quick reminders.

As previously mentioned, the app is not meant to replace other more structured chat applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Messenger, or Telegram, but rather reinforce the connection between people who already know each other and have a friendship in which such things are understood.

Tink is a message that is sent to your mates while you are thinking about them. Simply click the application's key button to do this. The Tink will be delivered in less than a minute!

The best application for communicating with your loved ones:

You would have been confident in the light of the above interesting features of the Tinkovu app keeps your relationship and friendship long live. You don’t need to be bothered about its safety and security it is all free of cost. You don’t pay any penny to download this application. The best thing is that you can forward or receive a message within seconds you don’t need to wait for a long time and heavy data to use this application. The only thing you must have android device for this application to install and enjoy its exciting features for free.

App details:

Name: [Tinkovu APP APK]
Version: [1.8.5]
Offered by: [Vayland]
Required System: [4.4 and up]
Size: [6.2 MB]
Price: [Free]

Download Tinkovu APP APK Free from here
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