VITA Video Editor APK v1.15.1 (Latest) for Android Free Download

What is VITA?

VITA Editor is a simple and easy video creator and editor on your smartphones whether it is an Android or iOS you can easily edit a video in few minutes. There are many ways to edit videos and nowadays in the technological era, we need such activities. The jobs for freelancers in marketing used to do it massively and there thousands of jobs available from all over the world. Many of the freelancers use expensive devices and premium apps to do their jobs and many of the beginners cannot access such expensive devices and premium apps to complete their jobs.

VITA APP is a great app for freelancers

It is a great opportunity for freelancers to use this app simply and easily if they have a job in video editing. It does not take a long time to download on your devices in few minutes to download and no need to be registered like other apps where you need to go through complicated verification systems to get register. VITA is free of all of such processes and procedures and it is 100% legit and safe. You can also create amazing videos using this app it is stress-free and fun too. Once you will work on I am sure you will enjoy its exciting features.

VITA Video Editor APK v1.15.1 (Latest) for Android Free Download
VITA Video Editor APK

Features of VITA APP

  • Edit and create HD Videos and add images to create a slide-show style
All the basic tools you need to edit and create a video are available in VITA. You can crop, split and trim your videos. There frames support is also available. For the rotating and flipping tools find within it you need to go anywhere for such tools.
  • Add music and sound Effects
Finding music and sound is the major hurdle in editing the videos, VITA makes it easier and timeless taking to a large library of soundtracks you can pick from there and add to the video that makes it awesome for those who are watching.
  • Add a huge variety of effects and stickers filters color grading, transition, and so on
Like the other tools, VITA makes it easier to find effects and stickers. Slow down effects, zoom effects, fade-in, and fade-out effects closing, and opening effects, and slow-motion effects all the effects could apply in seconds.
  • Slow down or speed up parts of all your videos
  • Built-in templates for quick effects, backgrounds, and styles
There are hundreds of templates and effects in the VITA itself you can directly add them with the choice of your interest and related to the videos you are creating and editing. All you need to relate and matching to the videos that make look your videos professional and exciting.
If you need you can add watermarks otherwise no any
  • Picture in picture option
  • Easily export or finishes projects
Adjusting the scales, rotating. Changing the orders of images and frames
Volume to make things more stand out

Navigation of the VITA Video Editor

There is no complicated menu, once you the app you will view templates, see new projects (in the search bar) there are simple settings tapping the setting icon you can turning of the watermark at the most right corner at the top of the screen. The new project appears in the center of the screen as soon you open the app clicking on it you reach the project's screen, where you have numerous options to choose from your device it could be possible both on a smartphone or desktop.

Using of VITA APK Features

It is quite easy to use all above mention features all are beginners friendly and smooth. You can use them with the smartphone and desktop you don’t pop into heavy tools for editing and creating short and long videos. All the tools you need to create or edit the videos are found within the app you do not need to go to any app to find like the other apps where you have to different apps for different activities this app completely stress-free and time saver.

Use of interface of the VITA

Above all the use of the interface of the VITA App easier than any other app. All the tools are available on its interface and can be easily found. You need to search any of the icons that are visible and work with one click and act in a second that saves your time and makes it easy to work on more and more videos creating and editing. Go with confidence and learn it for your happy life. For me, it is amazing and fun to work on this app at all

Last but not least there are thousands of tutorial videos about the use of VITA Video Editor APK are available that could be helpful along with your work. All the videos are easy to understand that take you step-by-step use of VITA App I would recommend for beginners to go through them and work on this app for online jobs you can use it in freelancing jobs and staff Talent that will add to your knowledge and earning. The demands for video editing jobs are in abundance in eCommerce. Check it once then you will stick to it forever I am sure!!!!

App detail:

Name: [VITA Video Editor]
Version: [1.15.1]
Offered by: [SNOW, Inc.]
Required System: [6.0 and up]
Size: [126.2 MB]

Download VITA Video Editor APK Free from here
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