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The world has been dramatically digital the life has been easier than as earlier as well hard too if you are not integrated yourself in this challenging era of technology. All walks of life are going to be digitalized and of course, within the .coming years, we will not able to live in a comfort zone if we do not prepare and adjust ourselves to the digital world and technologies. Everyone is now and then facing challenges in the walks of life that are not familiar with the technologies. It is important now to integrate with the digital world.

What is Paxful Wallet?

Paxful Wallet is a digital marketplace where we trade peer-to-peer trading in cryptocurrencies that is digital money. Nowadays money transportation has been part of our all walks of life but it was in the past too. People need to send money from one place to another place was hard in the past where there was not a banking network after the banking network it took days to transfer money taking days but now it has been in seconds with high service charges. As in the beginning, I said about the digital world and technologies that made it easier and avoid the high charges to transfer money to someone and trade with. 

Paxful is one of the best digital applications with we can easily save our money with a very little charge. It also has a peer-to-peer (P2P) trading system where you can make a profit safely without any loss in this trade.

Paxful Wallet APK v1.7.3.545 (Latest) for Android Free Download
Paxful Wallet APK

How to trade and make a profit with Paxful Wallet?

In this application the peer-to-peer traders sell and buy Bitcoins (BTC) in every currency in the world it does not matter which country you belong to and what currency you use? You can sell and buy by USD that could be converted to any other currency. You have to register in the Paxful Platform and download the Paxful Wallet and sign up with full identification to avoid fakes and scammers.

Is the Paxful Safe?

Scammers are found in every platform in the digital market but Paxful has very few chances you need to be cautious during the selling and buying on the platform of the third party involvement, it is not like the other platforms you could be easily scammed by scammers. The registration method is quite safe and during the payments, you will come across some verifications such as email, phone number, and ID verifications. I am using it for the last six months and confidently say that not that many chances of scamming, but anyway we need to be cautious.

Currencies and Payment Method

Paxful deals with the buying and selling of Bitcoins only. Since the money is sent directly to the sellers, the site itself does not hold fiat currencies for users that can convert their chosen currency from Bitcoins with the given conversion rates automatically shows by the Wallet and convert.

There are over 300 payment methods in Paxful you can use with very little fee, unlike any other platform. Most of the methods are free in some maximum 0.25% charges it does not go to Paxful but to Bitcoin minners.

The different payment methods result in different exchange rates such as bank transfer, credit cards , PayPal, Cashmal, Easypaisa, and Jazz Cash, etc all the methods take minutes without losing any long time from your mobile phone or desktop.

How to Download Paxful Wallet?

Go to the bottom of this page and click on the download link then it will automatically be downloaded on your device, after that you just need to install it. Then you have registered with your email or Facebook using a user name. You will be asked for some verifications of email, phone number, and ID card in order to safety while you're trading on PAXFUL WALLET.

How to trade on Paxful?

Once you will be registered then login with your username and email. The interface appears with different options whether you want to sell or buy. In the most top to the left their icons of buy and sell simply click on the button that will take to the traders' list with different offers the amount and payment method you can choose it going to the right of the screen buy or sell. You will see the concerned trader with a green dot if he is online otherwise there will be a dark dot that means the trader is not available. You need to know his/her availability and you will exchange messages is to each other than complete your task. 

If you are selling you have to provide your peer the payment method bank account or easy paisa account he/she will send you the amount and sends you the screenshot of the payment confirmation while receiving it you will release Bitcoins and confirm it. You will thank each other and leave feedback on the trade whether it is negative or positive. If you are buying you have to send the money as with the same process above make sure that you have 30 minutes of time for this trading that runs on the interface of your trading to the left side watch it and follow the time and make sure you complete the trade within the time otherwise you can cancel before 30 minutes to avoid the risk and loss your money.


I am going to conclude it with the confidence of my six months of experience with this platform working it is 100% legit and profitable. It is up to you how do you work on it with updates.

App Details:

Name: [Paxful Wallet APK]
Version: []
Offered by: [Paxful]
Required System: [5.0 and up]
Size: [28 MB]
Price: [Free]

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