Clipclaps - Reward for Laughs APK v2.6.1.1 for Android Free Download

ClipClap is an application for Android devices that offers rewards to users just for watching funny videos or playing some of the games it includes. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can download it from any country without any inconvenience.

Clipclaps - Reward for Laughs APK v2.6.1.1 for Android Free Download
Clipclaps - Reward for Laughs APK

ClipClaps Features

  • You receive your rewards through Paypal
  • The first time you must have a total of $ 0.10 to withdraw your winnings. From then on the minimum to make withdrawals is $ 10.
  • ClipClap can be downloaded and used by people from any country.
  • It has a referral system. People you invite receive up to $ 1 when they start using the app, and you receive prizes in diamond chests.
  • The rewards obtained are called Clap coins, which can be converted into US dollars.

The games we can Play

The app includes four fun games: Aquarium, Brainaire, Coin Cat, Texas Holdem, and Scratchers. The aquarium is the most popular game among ClipClaps users.

Whichever option you choose, it will allow you to earn money by meeting certain criteria, while you are distracted and entertained by playing.

To begin the game you must go to the “Me” icon at the bottom-most right and select the game option.

Coin Cat is an interesting game you can merge cats along with numbers with fun, as you merge the same cats give coins and add to the earning directly the earning increases along with the increasing numbers. You can convert the coins into dollars as they reach 1,000. Once your numbers increase you will have a lucky cat by clicking the lucky takes you to watch ads that give more earning to your coins.

Spinning and Rewards

Spinning for lucky numbers along with little dollars and coins are added to the earning there are given chances to spin and awards added by showing coins and dollars that go directly to the earnings.

All the games are amazing funny that better than dragging facebook pages for nothing only seeing pictures.


This is another exciting game where you see fish in the ponds, what you have to do is by playing y feed and make the fish grow. Once you continue work on the fish are grown on a point you get golden fish that gives more earning than the other normal fish earnings. The earnings automatically add on your earning icon on the top list as Cats Coins. This is not a big earning rather dragging facebook and other useless pages during your free time and earn some pocket money with this fun.

How to Register ClipClap?

You have to download the ClipClap App through Play Store on your device and then register with your Phone number, FaceBook account, or email very easily the process simple, unlike any other application. It takes a very short time to register. Soon after registering it gives you a redeem code, you are going to log in with the code and start the games, watching videos and ads.

Rewards on ClipClap App

While watching the videos an orange line moves at the bottom of the screen and reaching the end of the video an award adds at the bottom on the reward icon. You need to click the award icon that takes you to another screen where you three different color screens showing the number of rewards you made while the short videos and ads. You have the award list by clicking they show the number of coins you have earned. Once you click on the claim button the coins that add to the earnings at the top of your logged-in screen. As the coins increase your dollars increase alongside.


When you reach for a silver chest, and open gold you get a raffle ticket piece that gives you a chance to win a cash prize or Clap Coins. Once you collect the required number of ticket pieces, you will be able to participate in the corresponding draw. To get this you have to participate in the $ 10 raffle you need 150 pieces, for the $ 1 drawing you only need 20 shards. When you the required number of pieces, you can choose a card, scratch it and you will get your prize that will be added to your ClipClap balance.

Invite your friends and acquaintances

This is another feature to earn money on ClipClap. You only need to invite your friends, family, and acquaintances to sign up in the app. The invitation is sent in different ways, such as through social networks and using QR codes, etc;

For every member who signs in the app with your reference, you are going to win a diamond chest. In the event that members enter after 24 hours, you get an extra chest. If they start using the app in the second week you will win an additional chest that adds to your earning automatically.

How do you withdraw ClipClap Earnings?

To withdraw your earnings the first time you must have a minimum accumulated of $ 10. That may vary the country too. The withdraw of the money is done through PayPal, so you need to configure your PayPal account with the app by going to the “ME’’ Menu and then click on your user name from you can enter your PayPal account data. When you withdraw an amount of $ 10 CliClaps does not charge any fee for the operation. But for larger amounts, the app charges $0.25 for each withdrawal operation.

How to Download

Now are about to download the Clipclaps - Reward for Laughs latest APK and install it on your Android devices to play the lifestyle game with rewards. This game is freely available from the links given below. The following given links are totally free as we always prefer to share free links for our users' convenience. Thanks for visiting our site Android Hoster.

App Details:

Name: [Clipclaps - Reward for Laughs APK]
Version: []
Offered by: [GRAND CHANNEL]
Required System: [5.0 and up]
Size: [38 MB]
Price: [Free]

Download Clipclaps - Reward for Laughs APK Free from here 
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