Relax Melodies APK v6.7.1 (Latest) for Android Free Download

Relax Melodies APK is a sleep sounds app for Android users. Relax Melodies APK is used to be relaxed in bed, free from all worries and able to sleep peacefully at night time. Most of the people cannot sleep at night time due to anxiety and apprehension. In this regard, they need proper treatment with medicines but the best thing to give them an environment with healthy activities. That is sleep sound which provides amazing sleeping melodies to sleep peacefully in the bed. Listening to the melodies after installing this app on your Android devices you will be able to sleep properly. Worries, tension, and anxiety will remove from your life and you will start peaceful and pleasant sleep along with sweet dreams. 

Relax Melodies APK helps you to control over any kind of nervousness and other issues you face during sleeping. The melodies included in this app are really working for various tasks. As you hear different voices in surroundings, this app also control the all other voices that may cause agitation for you. In such a situation this app lets you listen to melodies of your interests and focus you on your desired tasks whether it is sleep time or study time. There are various types of melodies that exactly meet your desires and need as well. You can use them whenever you need for your convenience. 

The Relax Melodies are used worldwide by people for taking rest in a real sense. The APK file for Android is a great facility for the users. No 1 app for sleep and relaxation can help you to control over restlessness, stress and all worries. There is the variety of sounds and you can create your own interesting sounds, as this app contains numerous types of sounds like hair dryer, airplane, dryer, vacuum, fan noise, rainstorm, ocean, slow waves, lapping water, instruments, ambient melodies, wind, rustling leaves, birds etc. 

These Sleep Sounds lets you play the favorite sounds to enjoy satisfying in the bed. These sounds also best to top any kind of unwanted noise. the number of high-quality sounds are there to choose from and make you able to sleep better, stay focused, study without interruption, relax quickly and much more. Apart from these all facts, this app has lots of other features that are listed below for your further information. 

Features of Relax Melodies APK:

  • Amazing melodies give you relaxing feelings. 
  • Best for peaceful and fearless sleep
  • Various kinds of sound for different situations.
  • Relax melodies keeps you always relax. 
  • More than 50 custom melodies according to your choice. 
  • The melodies help you to focus on specific tasks. 
  • You can also use these melodies for study time as well. 
  • In simple words, it keeps you away from all worries, stress, anxiety etc. 
Relax Melodies APK
Now you can download Relax Melodies or Sleep Sounds latest APK and install it on your Android phone to invade disorder during night time and have a peaceful sleep with pleasure. This sleep sounds app is freely available from the links given below. The following given links are totally free as we always prefer to share free links for our user's convenience. We are thankful to you for visiting our site. 

App detail:

Name: [Relax Melodies]
Version: [6.7.1]
Status: [Updated]
Offered by: [Ipnos Software]
Required System: [All Android OS]
Size: [66.6 MB]
Price: [Free]

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Relax Melodies Latest APK Free Download
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