Easy Urdu (اردو) Keyboard 2018 v3.3.0 (Latest) APK for Android Free Download

Your Android Android Smartphones and tablets come with the built-in keyboard to write messages and anything on your Facebook or other social media. The built-in keyboards support mostly English language. With the keyboard of your phone or tablet, you can easily type anything in English. This is the best option for you to put the words in English only.  Today, I personally have noticed while writing something in Urdu on my Facebook account. I failed to do so as I had no Keyboard installed with Urdu alphabet on my phone.  Similarly, you might have also experienced the same problem on your Smartphone.  

However, everybody needs sometimes to write in the Urdu Language. You have to use social media network on your Smartphones and to convey your message in the Urdu language, you need a specific keyboard supporting Urdu alphabets. Keeping in view the users need, today we share a keyboard for Android with the Urdu language named "Easy Urdu Keyboard 2018". This Easy Urdu Keyboard 2018 APK is best for your Android phones and tablets to write anything sentence in Urdu. 

Easy Urdu Keyboard 2018 APK not only supports the Urdu language but it is also used for English alphabets. You can use it according to your need. Other keyboards are also available for Android devices like Samsung Keyboard and Go Keyboard etc. to use for the best typing experience of the users. But Easy Urdu Keyboard 2018 - اردو APK allows you write any sentence in Urdu with an easy process. This very simply designed app and easy to use for everyone. Write in you National language and convey your message with simple Urdu words so that all Urdu speaking can easily read and understand what you meant to say. 

Now it is an easy job for everyone to write Urdu in any application with a simple process. You just need to type using provided keyboard on your device. This keyboard app has the best layout as all alphabet keys in a keyboard are arranged in a particular pattern for user's convenience.  This feature shows that which alphabet is written when you press a key on the keyboard. In this way, you can feel ease to write anything with this keyboard. 

Easy Urdu Keyboard 2018 - اردو APK can be used online and you need Internet with less speed. The app works properly on any Android devices. Get it free and enjoy expressing your word in an innovative way with Urdu alphabets. The app is free to download from our site, just clicking on the links given at end of this post you can get a free of cost Urdu Keyboard App on your device.  

Features of the App: 

The best Urdu layout for your ease. 
Optional layout lets you select your desired language. 
Shows the world what you want to write next.
Supports offline sometimes or with less Internet speed. 
You have the option to enable and disable the keyboard. 
English alphabets with dictionary auto-correction. 
Emojis for expressing in a different way. 
Easy to use and completely free. 
Easy Urdu (اردو) Keyboard 2018

You are about to download Easy Urdu Keyboard 2018 - اردو latest APK and install to use it on your Android phones to write anything in the Urdu language. The Urdu Keyboard is freely available from the links given below. The following mentioned links are totally free as we always prefer to share free links for our user's convenience. We are thankful to you for visiting our site.  

App detail: 

Name: [Easy Urdu Keyboard 2018 - اردو]
Version: [3.3.0]
Status: [Updated]
Offered by: [Pakdata]
Required System: [4.0 and up]
Size: [18.2 and up]
Price: [Free]

Install from Google Play
Easy Urdu Keyboard 2018 Latest APK Free Download
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