AParted (SD Card Partition) Dauis (Latest) APK for Android Free Download

You have an SD Card on your Android device to store your personal data, apps, and games. The SD cards may have a huge capacity. Most of the users want to create the partition for best management of the files on Android phones. This is the best way to store files in different partitions according to the category. As you can save your documents in one partition, the media file in other partition and so on. This would be much better if you do so. Creating a partition is for your great ease as you don’t need to search any file, just go to the specific partition and get your data as per your need. Today we share a tool AParted (SD Card Partition) for your Android device. AParted (SD Card Partition) APK allows you to create the partition in SD Card with an easy process. But you need some expertise in using such kind of tools. If you use it carelessly then it may cause erase of your data.

Using AParted (SD Card Partition) App you create partitions on your SD Card and USB. This is a tool which can make you the master of your SD Card. Mostly you experience the damage to your SD Card, it doesn’t work properly on your device and it is not detected by the device. In such matter, you can try to repair your SD Card with help of this app. If your card has some errors due which you are unable to use it, then this is the best tool for you to make it functional again. The damaged SD Cards are also be repaired by scanning against bad blocks.

Make sure that you know using the tool in a proper way. You need to be careful while using it on your device if you don’t know, it will erase your data. In case of any damage, the developer and publisher will not be responsible. Do it at your own risk. Furthermore, you need to root your device to use this tool. It is necessary that your device is rooted, if not root it using Root Genius or TowelRoot. Rooting is the best way to provide an easy access to the tool to your device. 

AParted (SD Card Partition) APK lets you create a swap partition to add extra RAM size on your device. In this way, your device will be working with fast speed. This app can make difference on your device and you will be able to do much more fun by creating partitions and repairing SD Cards and USBs. This powerful tool is freely available from our site. Just click on the links given at the end of this page and enjoy its great features. Some of the features are listed below for your information.

Features of the App:

  • Let you create a partition in SD Cards and USBs. 
  • Helps you in repairing damaged cards and USBs. 
  • You can add more RAM to your device with this tool.
  • Best of all versions of Android phones and tablets. 
  • Free of cost and easy to use tool. 
 AParted (SD Card Partition)
You are about to download AParted (SD Card Partition) latest APK and install it on your Android phones and tablets to create partition in SD Card to store your files in the specific partition. This useful tool is freely available from the links given below. The following given links are totally free as we always prefer to share free links for our user's convenience. We are thankful to you for visiting our site. 

App detail:

Name: [AParted (SD Card Partition)]
Version: [Dauis]
Status: [Updated]
Offered by: [Sylkat]
Required System: [2.3 and up]
Size: [12.6 MB]
Price: [Free]

AParted (SD Card Partition) Latest APK Free Download
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