SatFinder (Satellite Finder) v1.37 (Latest) APK Full for Android Free Download

Have you ever faced any difficulty during set up your satellite dish to watch your favorite channels? This happens mostly when your dish moved or dislocated from the fixed location and lost the signals. To fix this issue you have to adjust the dish again by moving it here and there. Sometimes you have to contact the experts for the better adjustment of your dish. The best solution to this issue is Satellite Finder which is connected to the dish and it detects the signals when you move the dish. Today we share SatFinder (Satellite Finder) app for your Android devices to install it and enjoy setting up your dish with the help of your phone. SatFinder (Satellite Finder) can show you the best way by detecting signals. Enjoy watching famous News channel, TenSports, National Geographic or Live Cricket match on your television anytime. 

SatFinder (Satellite Finder) is used as a tool to set up satellite dish easily. This is an easy process which can be carried out right from your smartphone. It can be used as a tool on your phone instead calls someone to set it. SatFinder can give you azimuth, elevation and LNB tilt for your location on the basis of GPS. There will be a detail list of the chosen satellite from where you can select the channels. You can see the result in both the numeric and graphics for your best understanding. It shows you everything in detail with the built-in compass which lets you know the exact direction to find the proper satellite.

You don’t need to go here and there for your satellite set up, this in your hand and you can do it yourself. You are the master of your dish to any of your favorite channels at home or anywhere. Keep in mind internet is available on your device and GPS enabled. If so you can set your dish successfully. In case weak single of GPS, you can try it going out of your room for finding accurate location. It is necessary for you that you should enable all the features, so you will not face any difficulty while finding the satellite. Download SatFinder APK free from our site clicking on the links given at the end of this page. We share some salient features of this app for your further information. 

Features of the App:

  • Easy satellite finder tool.
  • Proper working on Android phones.
  • Built-in compass for detecting the location.
  • Shows you the result both in numeric and graphics. 
  • Very simple and easy to use for the users. 
  • Free of cost available and to download. 

SatFinder-(Satellite-Finder)-v1.37-(Latest)-APK-Full -for-Android-Free-Download
SatFinder (Satellite Finder) APK Full
Now you are able to download SatFinder (Satellite Finder) latest APK and install it on your Android phone to make your task easier for setting up your dish with the help your mobile phone. This wonderful tool is freely available from the links given below. The following given links are totally as we always prefer to share free links for our user's convenience. We are thankful to you for visiting our site. 

App detail:

Name: [SatFinder]
Version: [1.37]
Status: [Updated]
Offered by: [Maciej Grzegorczyk]
Required System: [4.0 and up]
Size: [1.8 MB]
Price: [Free]

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SatFinder (Satellite Finder) Latest APK Free Download
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