Dumpster (Recycle Bin) App v2.14.269.5894b (Latest) APK For Android Free Download

You may face the problem of accidentally deleting of your data like photos, videos and other important documents from your device. These kinds of happenings create lots of problem and hectic job for you to recover these data back safely. Sometimes it is considered as impossible job that the once deleted cannot be recovered. You may also face the same situation with your device and fail while trying to recover the deleted data. Yes this is a difficult job when don’t have any tool on you device. As you well aware that the Android developers are trying their best to provide even better services to the users. They develop various apps to make the difficult or impossible tasks easier. Similarly one of the brilliant apps has been developed for the Android users to recover the deleted photo or video in an easy way. This is the Dumpster app which lets you get back any accidentally deleted data from your device. With help of Dumpster APK you will be able to backup, safeguard and restore any deleted data, application and other documents instantly. 

Dumpster works for backing up photos, videos and documents with a simple process. This is the dumpster recycle bin of your Android device. To be beneficiary of its useful functions you need to install it on your device once then the app will automatically perform the tasks. As this app will automatically backup and save all of your newly deleted data, enabling you to easily undelete pictures and videos, and promptly restore them to your Android phone. This app can be used as App backup and restore tool Simply you can say Dumpster is your data defender and complete every task effortlessly with great ease. Now your private data are safe as you can recover them even after deleting from your device. This is great facility for users providing a good service of restore the apps and data. 

You always take an extra care of your personal photos and videos as these are very important for you. You don’t even want to show these private data to any other person. What if somebody try to view these data using any premium app by unlocking the code? Dumpster is solution of all these activities which are happening without letting you know. This app keeps safe your deleted pictures from outside viewers with the help of Dumpster’s premium app lock capabilities. So this the app which helps you in real sense. You are recommended to get this app and install on your device to avoid misplace any of your data from your device. 

Everything is done with a quick response, whether is back up of the data, restore or keep them safe. App recovery is simple and instant with Dumpster, once you use it on your device you will observe that how fast and simply it does the job. There is a simple process as you just need to enter your Dumpster recycle bin, click on the app you wish to undelete and get back. The app will instantly be shown on your device. You are happy to restore you most important app and use it as usual. Dumpster is not for the specific data this provides backup for all deleted applications, pictures, videos, documents and other related data on your device. Whatever you want to undelete or whenever you want to use it you are allowed without any restrictions. 

We always share fee versions of any app,in the same way Dumpster is also free for you here in our site. But you can try for its premium version for free up valuable storage space on your device. As Dumpster cloud backup is a premium feature, enabling users to save all their deleted items to the Dumpster cloud. It is up to you whatever you want you can do. Dumpster App APK is freely available from our site. You can download the app from the links given at end of this page. Some features are mentioned below for information of the users. 

Features of the App:

  • Recover all deleted data with a simple process.
  • Backup all important data automatically on device.
  • Fast restore important files, photos, images and videos
  • Best for your accidentally removed data from device
  • This is safe and secure for your device regarding any data.
  • Freely available and simple to use app. 
Dumpster (Recycle Bin) App

You about to download Dumpster App latest APK and install it on your Android phone to enjoy its great features of undelete the data and restore on you device, This undelete app is freely available from the links given below. The following given links are totally free as we always prefer to share free links for our users convenience. We are thankful to you for visiting our site.

App detail:

Name: [Dumpster]
Version: []
Status: [Updated]
Offered by: [Baloota]
Required System: [4.0.3 and up]
Size: [11. 4 MB]
Price: [Free]

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Dumpster (Recycle Bin) App Latest APK Free Download
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