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OuO is an awesome Android app used to place a unique and beautiful face on your phone and tablet. Your Android device now appears with a cute face which makes you surprised in every moment. OuO is a face having two eyes and a lip with a smile like a creepy person. The o represents eyes and u is a lip, these altogether shows a smiling face. This casual game has a good look with eyes and cheeks, which beautify your device screen. OuO APK provides you with the shape of heart touching face. You may also think to add something new in your Android device to upgrade its look when you touch the screen. 

While opening your device the theme appears on the screen is your first look and you always want beautiful sight in your first look. Why don’t you experience it in an innovated way? Should you get something unique to keep entertaining yourself? Yes, you should, as experiencing the same thing time and again is a boring practice. In this regard, you want anything new like OuO app. This APK file provides a new look in shape a face on the device with attractive eyes and smart cheeks. Have a cute face in your phone or tablet. The eyes and cheeks offer fun and entertainment. Get OuO free and enjoy distinctive face on your device. 

OuO also knows as kawaii face application that gives a totally different appearance on the device screen. You can interact with by touching the screen to make the eyes sparkle and cheek compress. You can poke its eye to make him wink, spout him in the temple, pinch its cheeks, and have much fun with the latest APK app. You need to touch him, play with him and do everything whatever and whenever you want. If you are not doing so, means not touch him at all, then there will be reactions and you can take rest here as it makes cute adorable faces in every moment. OuO latest app is freely available and you are here at the right place to download it free from the links given below. There is no complexity in downloading the app. The download process is so simple and complete within no time. 

OuO app is a small animated fast facility to help and some additional pair of setting which lets you get access to the menu. Enjoy its great features and use it on your device freely. Here you just need to hit the menu button on your phone or tablet to play with it and shake out the face. There is also a good indicator that shows OuO's current position. Sometimes he can get angry if you poke him over and over again in the eye, but you can make it calm down by rubbing him on the head. This activity affects the different random faces. It can react and there are certain actions to take in each moment. OuO is the app which full of fun and you will enjoy it trying the face touching. This app has many features, some of them are mentioned below for information. 

Features of the App:

  • Roll it left and right for sparkling.
  • Reacts when it is left idle for a moment.
  • You can manually change the mood bar.
  • Settings remain same after closing the app.
  • Also reacts to being plugged into a power source.
  • Sleep mode prevents the screen from turning off.
  • There is an on-screen options button for the user's convenience.
Now can download OuO Latest APK and install it on your Android phone and tablet to enjoy a cute and beautiful face on your device. This is like a smiling face and makes your device interesting for you. This cute face app is freely available from the links given below. The following given links are totally free as we always prefer to share free links for our user's convenience. We are thankful to all of you for visiting our site.

App Detail:

Name: [OuO]
Version : [1.3b]
Updated: [June 7, 2016]
Category: [Casual]
Developers: [elPatrixF]
Offered by: [elPatrixF]
Required System: [2.3 and up]
Price: [Free]
Size: [02 MB]

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OuO Latest APK Free Download
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