SSE-Universal Encryption (Secret Space Encryptor) App v3.0 APK For Android Free Download

SSE-Universal Encryption App Review:

SSE-Universal Encryption App is an All-In-One Android app that is used to manage your passwords in one place. This is the best File manager as well. This Android file encryption app has especially been developed for Android phones and tablets to manage created passwords, PINs, and notes under one master password. SEE-Encryption has also been developed for windows, but this best Android encryption app for you as you are an Android user. You need to manage your passwords during your routine work. This is the updated and best Android encryption version for Android, millions of users using this app all over the world for better management of their passwords. Password Manager, Text Encryption, and File Encryption are integrated into the all-in-one solution for the convenience of the users. A Password Vault lets you store and manage all passwords, PINs, and notes in one secure place protected by one master password. 

How to Decrypt Encrypted Files in Android:

Using this app you can Import and Export through the great function of this app which is available for you. The formats supports by this app are: compressed, fully encrypted .pwv file format or unencrypted, editable .xml file, these are all supported properly by the app. You can try its pro version for even more performance. The SSE Encryption review lets you know all about this wonderful app in detail. This is the best Text Encryptor as can keep your messages, notes, and other texts safe from all unwanted readers. For this purpose, you can use the internal database or just copy-paste to or from your favorite applications easily. A password is set for the current encryption/decryption session, and you may have an unlimited number of passwords for any without any hurdle. The File Encryptor makes you securely encrypt your private and confidential files or whole folders perfectly. Everything is encrypted using strong encryption algorithms as well.

SSE-Universal Encryption App is an Open Source project:

SSE-Universal Encryption App is considered an Open Source project there is nothing to hide. It is up to you, you can do so if you need. The Secret Space Encryptor app provides you space for secrecy and privacy on your Android device. The use of the amazing app is too easy that everyone can simply use this app. While using Password Vault just jap on the Password Vault icon. At this point, you'll be prompted to set up a password for this feature. Keep in mind the stronger you create a password, the better you prevent from anyone getting access to the tool. So make the password strong to prevent anyone from using the tool. You will be surrounded by the vault, once you have set the password. 

How to use SSE-Universal Encryption App:

Follow the steps for better use of the app: First-ever just tap the menu, and then tap New Folder, set the folders options accordingly, now tap the save button carefully, when the folder is created tap and add new items, then the option will help you enter name, password, note, and color. Now it’s done and save it. After creating the item, the password will be invisible to you. If you tap on the entry, the password will have appeared. To assure you that this feature may be left open. Once you set a password then the option notice of random password creator. This is to help you in creating a new and strong password that would be much powerful than your own created password. The perfect and All-In-One solution Secret Space Encrypt (SSE) Universal Encryption App is freely available from Google Play or you can get it in APK format from this site free of cost by clicking on the links given below. Some of the unique features are given below. 

Features of the App:

  • All-in-one password solution tool.
  • It is used as a Password manager.
  • The best Password generator.
  • Text and file encryption.
  • Master password app protection.
  • Secure wipe easily.
  • Strong encryption algorithm.
  • Algorithm benchmark.
  • Freely available and easy to use.

Now you are about to download the SSE-Universal Encryption App for Android from the following links or install it on your Android phones and tablets direct from the Google Play link. This app is freely available from the links given below. The following given links are totally free as we always prefer to share links for our user's convenience. We are thankful to you for visiting our site.

App detail: 

Name: [SSE - Universal Encryption App]
Version: [3.0]
Offered by: [Paranoia Works]
Required System: [4.0 and up]
Size: [10.33 MB]
Price: [Free]

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