HTC Transfer Tool APK v6.0.868517 (Latest) For Android Free Download

HTC Transfer Tool APK is used to transfer the data from any old phone to a new HTC phone. This is wireless tool which transfers your data without any data cable. HTC Transfer Tool APK makes your task easier while transferring your important data from your old phone to new phone wirelessly. This is especially developed for the Android users and the HTC Transfer Tool for PC is also working properly for data transferring purpose. Mostly the Android users face difficulties during transferring data from Android phone to a new HTC phone, the HTC Transfer Tool APK is make easy this difficulty that now you can easily transfer each and every data. Data movement from an Android phone to a new HTC phone has become easier and faster now because of this app. Transfer important data like your contacts, messages, calendar, music, settings, photos and videos from your old phone to your new Sense 5 or later using HTC phone without using any data cable. This task is done wirelessly with help of this transfer tool. If your HTC Transfer Tool APK is not working, then remove it and install its latest version freely from any Android platform or right from this page its APK format clicking on the links given below. This is a transferring tool app perfect for moving data from Android phones. You may use this transfer tool for windows on your PC, the same functions are working in Android app. You will really like this useful app using as tool for data transferring on your Android phone. 

HTC Transfer Tool APK transfers data very efficiently and professionally that you can trust while transferring data to your phones. This helpful transfer is able to transfer from phones that are running Android version 2.3 or later and uses a Wi-Fi connection between your two phones to transfer content to any Sense 5 or later HTC phone. Using this tool you are able to transfer a wide ranged data like: mail, photos and videos, calendars, music, messages, contacts with call history, settings and all kind of documents quickly. This is simple and fast transferring tool which moves any data from one to another phone in a while. This is a must have for any Android user, so that no hurdle can be faced while transferring data within old and new Android phones. Transferring data is most important nowadays to save your data and to share any necessary information with friends. For this purpose you should use HTC Transfer Tool latest APK for better result. 

Features of the App:

  • Transfers any data perfectly.
  • Fast and quick transferring tool.
  • Transfers all data wirelessly
  • Freely available from Android stores
  • Easy tool and simple to use.
HTC Transfer-Tool-APK-v 6.0.868517-(Latest)-For-Android-Free-Download
HTC Transfer Tool  APK
Now you are near to download HTC Transfer Tool for Android and install it on your Android phone to enjoy transferring data from old Android phone to new HTC phone. This tool is freely available from the links given below. The following given links are totally free as we always prefer to share free links for our users convenience. We are thankful to you for visiting our site.

App detail:

Name: [HTC Transfer Tool]
Version: [6.0.868517 ]
Status: [Updated]
Offered by: [HTC Corporation]
Required System: [2.2 and up]
Size: [1.81 MB]
Price: [Free]

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HTC Transfer Tool Latest APK Free Download
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