Best Antivirus For Android (Latest Version) Free Download

The security threads have always been dangerous for all software devices. To prevent from all these threads we use anti-viruses. The Android device are also in risk of these Viruses. To protect your Android devices you must have installed one of the most updated and advanced version of Anti-Virus. That way you can save your precious data of your Android device. The security threats are increasing in Android Apps like malware, spyware etc. there are also some other tool that harm your data and even steal them. Therefore the best and latest version of antivirus and security apps is necessary for your Android device to save your data. You can scan security apps (microSD) storage for virus and other threats.

The 4 best Security App are in listed here below for protection and safety of your Android device.
1.      Avast Antivirus. This security App helps you to protect you Android device from viruses like malware and spyware. This wonderful security app also helps you to locate your phone if stolen. Some salient features included in this security app are scanning app for malware, file and SMS scanning for safety of mobile.

2.      Norton Security Antivirus: this app is used for protection of Android phone from identity theft, malware, viruses and other threats. There is option to scan apps, microSD storage etc for virus and  malware successfully.

3.      Dr. Web Anti-Virus Light: this is also and an amazing app for security of your Android device. This helps you to protect your SD card by scanning it from all effected threats. This is one of the quick response security app for scanning.

4.      AVG Free Antivirus: this security app for Android device has been developed with latest and advanced version. This has unique features to protect you data and scanning files. There is also an option for privacy to lock the device to secret you data. Use it to keep you Android device free from high risk and threats.

The above mentioned Security apps definitely help you to protect your Android device data from all security risks. Always choose the best antivirus for device in this way you can save and protect your precious data from lose. You can get free antivirus by clicking on the following links. The following given links are totally free as we always prefer to share free links for our user's convenience. We are thankful to you for visiting our site. 

Avast Antivirus Latest APK Free Download 
Size: [19.86 MB] 
Version: ]6.1.3]

Norton Security Antivirus Latest APK Free Download
Size: [21.21 MB] 
Version: []

 Dr. Web Anti-Virus Light Latest APK Free Download
Size: [3.80 MB] 
Version: [9.01.2]

AVG Antivirus Latest APK Free Download
Size: [18.4 MB] 
Version: []
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