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Apentalcalc Simple Calculator App is an easy calculating tool which is used in any level. The usage of this calculating is best fit on any Android phone and tablet. This app calculates everything in a better manner. ApentalCalc (Simple Calculator) APK file latest version for Android works properly. This v2.51 version of ApentalCalc Simple Calculator app is undemanding and effortless as everyone can use this app easily. Good to have this app on your Android phones and tablets for calculation of required figures. The number you enter into the calculator are correctly plus, multiply, divide and mines very quickly. Apentalcalc Simple Calculator latest APK is helping and useful app for Android users. You can use this calculating app for some of your mathematics solution. It works all your accounts calculation whether you are in the office or any other institution with the responsibilities of account section, then this free apentalcalc simple calculator here to help you. Sum up all you calculation sitting just in your office chair using you Android phone. Your calculator is in your hand and you can carry out your entire task with the help of this wonderful app. This is the great initiative and development by the Ezintal App for the convenience of the Android users. You are lucky to have this simple calculating app on your Android device. Almost all mobile phones come with built-in calculators that work for the purpose, but some time we really need an advanced and latest calculators, as apentalcalc simple calculator is. This simple calculator as simple as it looks to be. It came with simple look and some uniqueness that other calculators don’t have such kind of function. This Android calculator becoming very popular in the users and is used by all Android users around the world. 

ApentalCalc (Simple Calculator) latest APK came out great features which keep you confident while using it for calculation. You can trust in this app that everything is done correctly in a simple way. Apentalcalc Calculator is compatible with kitkat, jellybean, Android, lollipop and marshmallow devices. Your Android phone is your best calculating device as you don’t need to use any other device for calculation of any figure. For good look of apentalcalc calculating app there are theme plan which you can on your own choice. The light and dark themes make its look different as per your taste. You can easily change the theme color of calculator for best looking on your device. Get it free from any Android platform and this page, you can direct install this app on your Android phones and tablets clicking on the available links given below.

Features of the App:
  • Good look with material Design.
  • Revise past memories.
  •  Shows history of previous.
  • Get Percentages easily.
  • Find sin, cos, tan.
  • Fixed-point display modes.
  • Dark and light themes.
  • Night mode.
Apentalcalc Simple Calculator
Now you are about to download Apentalcalc Simple Calculator App for Android and install it on your Android phones and tablets to enjoy it unique features. Apentalcalc Simple Calculator is freely available from the links given below. The following given links are totally free as we always prefer to share free links for our users convenience.

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