Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) v4.28.7 APK For Android Free Download

Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) has been developed to save the battery backup of smartphones. Quite often we face battery backup problem of smartphones. Therefore this wonderful app released to solve the backup problems of battery. This is one of the useful apps used by the users on their android phones and becoming famous all over the world. Your would definitely in need of such kind of tools on your android phones that make your battery healthy and prolong the battery power so that you can use your phone for a long time while traveling or power issues. Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) save the power also when your charge the battery using solar battery charger for android and maintain it up to 50% backup. 

Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) lets you monitor all unnecessary battery consumption by closing apps and connections as per requirement. This wonderful app extend the battery life up to 50% by identifying all unnecessary settings and running apps that consume your battery power. This wonderful app provides healthy and powerful life to your android phone by saving backup of battery. Now you can  use your smartphone for long time without worrying about charging the battery. Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) control and execute battery backup consumption related things by taking notice or prompting you about these unnecessary power drainage. 

Feature of App:

  • Take action all unnecessary apps that cause drainage of battery power.
  • One click task kill by task killer.
  • Apps are killed when screen  is off.
  • Accurate battery remaining time.
  • Exactly indicate battery charging time.
  • One uniqueness is 3 step charging system.
  • Brightness and other controls.
  • Simply designed and easy to use.
Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) v4.28.7 APK For Android
Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) v4.28.7 APK For Android
To get your battery life longer download Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) and use this on your android phone. The following links are totally free for downloading the app. Click on the below given links to install or download. 

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