My Family Photo Lock Screen For Android Free Download

This wonderful app lets you lock your personal photos to keep secrete them from others. This is one the useful apps which help you to lock your screen and the photos you don't want to  show to others. Now you do not need to worry about your family photos stored in your smart phone. This Family Photo Lock Screen app ensures you that the photos stored in your phone are protected and  secured. When you apply the lock screen to lock your photos then it is safe and no body can open the lock and see you photos. There are many other lock screen to lock your phone screen. 

My Family Photo Lock Screen app is one the immediate and quick responsive apps that lets you lock your screen and photo very quickly. This app is used to lock your photos and you can custom it to use for  locking different app in your phone. Customizing this app  you will be able to lock other apps and tools of your android phone. Wherever you go and let your phone anywhere by setting this lock screen you would not be in trouble about your precious and secret data. Using this  you are tension free and relax regarding your secrecy. When you set you  lock screen as per your wish then you need just a single click, your phone will lock quickly. The sound of this lock screen and  be disabled whenever you want. 

This app has been developed with some of the  following salient features:

  • Lock Screen with custom pattern.
  • Totally free for downloading.
  • Easy to use, and user interface.
  • light weight required less memory.
  • Fast and  quick responsive app.
  • Lock Screen on/off option.
  • Option to enable and disable lock screen sound.
My Family Photo Lock Screen For Android

This amazing app has been simply designed for the users. This is very easy to use and custom as per you desires. This is free and easy to download. To enjoy this useful app you need just to click on the below given links. The links shared below are free.

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My Family Photo Lock Screen Free Download