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The latest and advanced version of the Google Earth app has come out with some of uniqueness for the android phone users. Google Earth app lets you explore the globe with a single touch of your finger. It takes you where you want to go or see the world's favorite and famous places sitting at your home. You just need an android phone in your hand and visit the  worldwide by clicking on  Google Earth app installed on your android phone. You can go anywhere in the world using this app even street of any city in front of you.

If you live away from your home town don't worry the Google Earth will take you to there and show you all parts of your village where you used to play and go to fishing or on picnic with your friends. You would be definitely clear about this app that this is one of the wonderful apps which enable you to explore the globe with finger touch and the globe is in you hand now. This is supposed to be  a real and actual fact as you imagine here. Google Earth shows you the  place with clear and transparent view.  

Using this amazing app you can take the map of any specific country or place. I personally like this app as this is easy to use and simply designed app. Installing this app it can be used as a Browser for searching. There a lot of options using them you can do what you want. As moving ahead to see the other places is a little time consuming process, you can just enter the name of the specific place which you want to see immediately. Searching any country or parts of the country is quite easy and fast.

Some feature of Google Earth app are:
  • Easy to search any specific place or area.
  • Option to take map of any country or parts of the country.
  • Simple designed that every one can use it.
  • Tour guide to discover new places.
  • Street level of anywhere in the globe.
  • Explains and photos to understand more about any places.
Google Earth For Android

I hope that you will definitely enjoy installing this app in your android phones. This can easily be installed from Google Play or downloaded from the below given links. You need just to click on the below mentioned links for installing or downloading this app. As we always preferred to share free and official links for our users convenience.

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