Voice Changer APK for Android Free Download

Voice Changer is an amazing app helps you to change the voice into funny and comic voice. You can change your original voice while calling to others other recording it in your mobile phone. This made the other people surprised to hear amusing voice from other side. You can change the voice through VoiceChanger into girl voice, baby voice, old man and woman voice or what do want you are capable of doing so. There are lots of effects included in this latest app for Android. You can apply all of these effects after recording your voice.
Unique Features of Voice Changer:

  • Recording voice and change into comic sound
  • Applying various effects to change into your desired sounds.
  • Rename and save as your favorite.
  • Sharing it with friends or set as ring tone.
  • Choosing favorite while changing the voice.
  • Sending changing voice direct from WhatsApp.
Voice Changer APK for Android Free Download

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