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Quran with Urdu Translation for Android is one of the unique and useful apps which lets you listen and learn Quran with understanding meaning of verses in Urdu. The Muslim believers get immense pleasure to install this latest app in their Android device. The audio option is also available in this app to listen the Quran. The Audio option is for recitation of Holy verses from Quran for the users. The Urdu Speakers all over the world accept this app as gift and blessing for them. This latest and useful app contains a complete version of Quran Kareem. You can choice to recite the Holy Verses your own. There is also an option to jump to any Ayah of the current Surah. Besides Urdu other languages like English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Persian, Dutch, Italian and Indonesian is also included in this app for other language speaking all over the world. Using this app will be able to understand the meaning of Quran along with listening every surah. Quran with Translation app provides you a comprehensive lesson of each and every surah. You lucky to have this useful app on your Android phones and tablets. As you are muslim and the recitation of holy Quran is compulsory for your. So get this app free from this site going to the links given at the bottom of this page. After installing this app on your device you can start your morning with the recitation of Holy Quran. The is blessing and best for you to start your work with good thinking. 

Quran with Urdu Translation App APK is latest version and it has been updated recently for Android phones and tablets. You can download it latest version to enjoy listening verse from Holy Quran with attention and strong believes. Quran with Urdu Translation is unique version app and has great features to provide easy and simple understanding for user's convenience. This app freely available from the Android platforms, so that you can get it easily and use it for your best time. This app has various great features and we have mentioned some of them as under for your information.   
Quran With Urdu Translation 

The following mentioned Features enables you to:
  • Customize font size and style. 
  • Go to any Ayah of the current Surah of Holy Book. 
  • Get comprehensive understanding about the Quran Kareem in Urdu. 
  • Listen to the full recitation of Quran in MP3 version of each Cahper. 
  • Choose your required Surah from the Quran Kareem using search bar. 
  • Know about 14 Sajdahs (Prostration) in front of God Almighty with separated places.
  • Save your favorite part of Ayah while recitation process and to be continued for same place. 
  • interpretation and action the stop sings are included that come in specific way of Allah Almighty. 
The latest version of Quran app has been developed for the users to easily understand the Holy Quran in their own language. To Download this free of cost Quran application now just click on the below links. This is very easy to download if any problem occurred during downloading the app. You can contact us by commenting in the below comment box.

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Quran With Urdu Translation Latest APK Free Download