Blood Group Detector Prank App for Android Free Download

Blood Group Detector Prank App for Android has been developed and released with its latest version recently for users. Now users can use this version to check their blood group in a very simple way. Use this prank app and have a fun. Blood Group Detector App is purely prank just use this to play prank on others.

 This version is very easy to use. You just need to place your thumb or finger on scanning box included in the app. When you place your thumb on the scanning box then it will start scanning and calculate your Blood Group readings. The reading figures showed are not real it shows just random figure you don’t need to believe in to be actual Blood Group. The Blood Group Detector Rank has been developed just for entertainment of the users.
Blood Group Detector Prank App

How to use:
  • There is first option to select male or female.
  • Then place your finger on the scanning box on the screen.
  • The scanning process will start immediately.
  • Random figure will show on screen for your Blood Group.
  • Just note down and image this as prank result.

This new and advanced version of Blood Group Detector Prank for Android is a fun and entertaining tool for the users. You can download this latest app form the links given below and enjoy it by installing on you Android Phones. This can easily be installed on your Android device. If you experience any difficulty kindly contact us at any time, we are always here for your assistance. For downloading the Blood Group Detector click on below links.