Spy Pigeon Bird Shooting Game Latest APK for android

This interesting game has been developed by a group of Pakistani students focusing on the current happening that a pigeon was captured by boy taken over by Indian police supposed of being a Pakistani spy.
It is a classic shooter game in which the spy pigeons carrying messages have to be shot down by the player and The pigeons have to be shot down before they drop their bird dropping on the player which results in a blow to the health.
Spy Pigeon Bird Shooting Game Latest APK for android

Spy Pigeon Bird Shooting is amusing and full of fun a sniper gun is used to shoot down. Pigeon is flying over the border area on duty as spy for the mission. Some of them in spy dress to find actual spies and shoot them before it droop on your screen diminish the gunner’s strength.
It has friendly environment to enjoy the game flying the pigeon birds. The birds flying with unique way make the game more interesting. The birds moving in/out/up/down to Naughty birds use pooping to wound, consequently strength of the player trim down, find them and get down quickly.
This is never-ending pigeon shooting game is great fun and entertaining for video game lovers to get the highest score. Top scorer will be at top of the leader board. So keep playing to show yourself at leader of the game.
How to play the game.
1- Drag screen to move around sniper gun to get target by the cursor.  
2- Touch User Shoot button to load bullet fire at right bottom of mobile screen.
3- Right Sniper scoop button is used to be closer the target pigeon.
4- Keep eyes on radar at top right to find pigeon movement and location.
5- Shoot the birds accordingly, and save the player by blowing up.
Uniqueness of the game
  • Errors free, light weight reduce 40% game memory size,
  • Well-managed processing, lesser power usage.
  • Effort bale on small devices. Full of fun and user friendly, easy to play and interesting. To enjoy this amusing Spy Birds Shooting game click blow link